Erin Bell Photography - My Favorites

My Favorites

A few things that make my heart oh so happy...

  • Snuggling on the couch with my husband, two little girls, and puppy.
  • Violet's smile. It brightens any day and has captured my heart from day one. Seriously...those dimples!! :)
  • Frozen Yogurt. I am convinced it is happiness in a cup!
  • Campfires wrapped in a blanket with a glass of wine…mmmm.
  • Sleeping in…a luxury these days ;)
  • Peonies and tulips. They make me swoon.
  • Coffee dates with a good girlfriend or a good book.
  • Chocolate. Chances are I’m eating some right now ;)
  • Springtime. I love the newness and smells, it’s so refreshing and filled with hope.
  • Falling asleep outside, on a blanket, in the grass, under the shade of a tree…the BEST!
  • Printed photos. There is just something special about holding them in my hands and hanging them in my home.
  • Christmas trees. It's a family tradition to find the "perfect" one every year.
  • Making our house a home. I am thankful for a husband who allows me to dream out loud and is really handy with a hammer, level and nails!
  • Stripes & polka dots. I just love them :)
  • Baby cuddles and baby toes. They melt my heart.
  • Heart to heart talks with my people. Quality time is definitely one of my love languages.
  • Music. Like photography, it speaks to my soul.
  • I have been saved by grace! Nothing brings my heart more joy.